Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Eventing Part 1 Rosewood 2013

Summer Eventing Part 1

So I
As promised and maybe a little late...(or really late) I am going to be posting pics from my action packed summer vending! 

Forgive my lack of interesting photos for my first event Rosewood 2013

Here is a nice collection of my booth design for this event... Sadly I did not get any pictures of the little ladies running around in garb.

My booth was simple and sparse but had a lot of charm! I think.

The design was inspired by my soon to be sister in law. It consists of a market umbrella with grommets installed. Then I purchased 4 4'X5' painters canvas from Home Depot and attached them with twine to the umbrella. Three to round out the back and one in front to create an awning. The canvas and the awning are secured to the ground with guy lines. 

It is a cute idea but I think the center pole discourages people from stepping into the booth.

Rosewood was a fun and inviting event.. My first LARP vent! They fed me and kept me entertained! I believe I will be going back next year :) 

Happy Eventing 


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