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My name is Samantha and this is a blog about my adventures through Midnite Hollow. Midnite Hollow is a shop I opened recently that carries handmade accessories. Everything I make for my shop is one of a kind , there will be no other like it. I also like to sew a little by hand on each item I make whether its adding a decorative button or embroidering an intricate design. In doing this I feel like I add a little of myself to each creation and present you with a one of a kind shopping experience.

I have started this blog to give patrons, and fans alike a closer look into Midnite Hollow. I hope to bring you into the shop I envision in my head, a place full of Fantasy. Where stars hang from tree branches, mushrooms glow underfoot, fairies flutter through the air. ( I may have read a little too many fairy-tales in my day ), and merchants set up whimsical shops along the path.

So follow along with me through the Hollow as I bring you tutorials, new designs, updates, events, sales and promotions, fun fabrics, and plenty of character, laughter, and love <3

I also have a second Identity called Pretty On The Go by Midnite Hollow. This shop specializes in pretty accessories for pretty people. That means you! I have a collection of Beauty Cases I have designed that I felt deserved a prettier representation than Midnite Hollow offered. Thus, Pretty On The Go was born. I will be updating you periodically on this shop as well :)

If you are interested in getting to know me more personally feel free to visit any of my other sites.
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Samantha Sawtelle
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Midnite Hollow Fanpage
My blog on life as a homemaker:
A Less Than Perfect Homemaker
and of course any of my shop fronts:
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