Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Costumes Fit for a Circus

Making My Pierrot Clown Jester Cross Costume

I recently threw a Vintage Circus Inspired Party for my 30th Birthday, hence the month or so pause on all the inner workings of Midnite Hollow. The party was a hit and included games, concessions, fire dancing, and some pretty rad costumes. 

I thought I would take the time to share my costume with you :)

 I started with a simple pattern for an under bust corset by BurdaStyle 7277, which isn't actually even a real corset pattern. Its a good starting point for me though. I then followed some corset tutorials online to add the lining and some actual boning and I had myself a real under bust corset in no time. 

I lined it with different colored home decor fabric samples my sister had sent to me a while back. The results were so cute I think I liked the lining side more the fabric I purchased for the occasion. In the end I made an entirely new corset anyway, now I am free to use the first one with the lining out as if it was intended :)

Me and two of my friends all used the same pattern for the under bust corset. Of course my sister had to be the black sheep and make an entirely different corset....which, honestly was amazing. Not to mention the material she purchased for it. 

I need to buy an entire bolt to reupholster something with it!

I used an old pair of pajama shorts to draft my bloomer shorts pattern. When I tried them on initially they looked great but I just didn't get enough poof around the legs. I wanted to keep the fit around my hips and but so I constructed a triangle in opposite colors to fit into the side of each leg. This is when I decided to make a new corset as well. I wanted to incorporate the bloomer material into my top. 

And I needed a reason to add pompoms and rickrack to something!

I chose white ruffled trim to tie my bloomers in with my tights, hat, and undershirt. To poof the shorts out I sewed on satin ribbon to make a casing and ran a smaller satin ribbon through it to tie off. 

I found a great tutorial and pattern for making mini top hats on I made my hat out of black craft felt, some vintage crocheted lace, black feathers, and a vintage button. I used an Alligator clip to clip it to my head. The hat's weight still required some strategically placed bobby pins however.

I paired my corset and bloomers with white and black striped tights and a white t-shirt with script printed over the bust and shoulders. I made a mini felt tie to finish it off. I obtained a rough pattern for my tie by purchasing some boys size ties at a local thrift store. I then traced to shape onto the felt. I based my makeup lightly on the style of a jester or Pierrot Clown...without the sadness though. 

I actually felt pretty awesome in this costume!

My friends who also used the under bust pattern looked amazing in their costumes. Unfortunately I do not have photos of my sister in hers...Next year for sure!

I constructed this entire corset minus the eyelets at the end. She made her skirt by sewing a strip of knitted fabric and a strip of tulle to a ribbon. She then made vertical rips up the material and kept them un- hemmed. The ribbon wrapped around her waste and tied in a bow.

I did not make this corset, however I did help with instruction on the making of it. She put together the rest of her outfit. The dress was made from a pattern and the bottom featured a strip to match the corset. She even made a matching vest for her husband!....who seems to elude photographs :p

This party theme was a ton of fun to come up with costuming ideas and I look forward to it year after year....seeing as how, we as a group have decided to make this an annual event! Now back to work for me! 

You can view more on this party on my blog A Less Than Perfect Homemaker.

Happy Sewing


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