Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty Little Purses

Pretty Little Coin Purses

After making the "Noriko Handbag" I needed more! More little bags with beautiful fabric! So I picked up some kiss clasp frames and sat down to search the internet for coin purse tutorials.

Honestly, it was really frustrating because I found a LOT of tutorials on how to use the frame but not a lot of free patterns...and we all know I'm better off with a pattern ;) I found some useful tutorials on making your own pattern but my first several attempts did not turn out too well. Finally I found a pattern for a puffy little coin purse on Cotton and Cloud and thought perfect.

The pattern was exactly what I was looking for but a little too small for the frame I picked up so I enlarged it to better fit the frame.

This is a really cool design because the pattern has you put pleats on the bottom to give your coin purse a pleasant "puff" at the bottom. Its a little like squaring the bottom. You fold the bottom over at the notches and sew in about a cm and up about a cm.

I have all four of my pieces pleated and ready to be sewn together. 
I just can't get enough of this print!

After I sew the lining into the outside I am ready to tackle putting on the kiss clasp frame.
Some frames are "no sew" where you use heavy duty upholstery glue and clamp the frame afterwards. I purchased the sew on frame so there was no need for glue on my end. However! I did put a couple 
dabs of hot glue in strategic locations to hold the purse in place while I sewed it in.

You will probably end up with a mess of glue but it is real easy to rub off afterwards :p

Sewing it on saves on some mess and you end up with cute stitches ♥ I used embroidery thread to attache this coin purse. I also clamped my first frame for stability...I'm still trying to decide if I like it clamped or
 un-clamped better.

And of course! feel free to add some ribbon tassel to give your coin purse even more style!

What pretty little purses these are!

Just in case your wondering, coin purses are always classy!!

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 Additional Sources:

and here is a tutorial for the exact frame I used:

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  1. pretty clear instructions for making such a pretty purse, thanks from Malaysia!


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