Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fabrics, Fabrics, and More Fabrics!

Oh So Many Choices!

Now that I am starting to bring you more chic items I have been perusing for designer fabric. In my window shopping I was overwhelmed at the choices in front of me....but in a good way. There are so many pretty and fun prints to choose from that I haven't yet bought any for my lack of decision...

I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you and see what you thought of my choices and also if you happened to have any favorites of your own. :)

Here are some of my Favorites from Heather Bailey:

And of Course! Amy Butler:

There is just too many choices for Amy Butler!!

Some from Joel Dewberry:

♥ So pretty ♥

And here are some fabric collections I adore from Anna Marie:

I love these funky prints from Alexander Henry:

So there you have it...some fabrics I tend to drool over! I would love to see some of your favorites or some links to designers I do not yet know about ♥

Happy Sewing


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