Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Eventing Part 2 All's Faire

Vending at All's Faire

The next event in my summer line up was All's Faire. A public fantasy faire catering to all aspects of the faire goer.
The faire was fun from what I had a chance to participate in.

They hosted several live reenactment battles, live music, contests, a kids craft area, and at night they provided entertainment for the adults. I enjoyed a silly burlesque show by the Feisty Felines and a fire show by miscellaneous performers. And let us NOT forget about the vendors. I saw some truly wonderful creations and products for sale and enjoyed chatting with customers from my own booth.

My booth shared with a good friend for the event.

As I said before I really did not get to see much of the fair (the down side of vending) but I was visited by some goblins looking for party supply.

...listen to a mistral sing about days gone past.

Across the way from me an aspiring iron worker set up shop.

And...The highlight of the faire for me and the girls when I actually took a chunk of time away from work to hang out was when we visited the Widow's Scourge a ship filled with real pirates!

Captain Ava is one of the nicest pirates you could meet :)

The girls had fun poking around at all the treasure and gadgets on the ship.

It is so much fun to see how the girls react to this make believe world...They were a little mistrusting of Locke N Load....

The faire has great potential and is run by amazing people. I look forward to coming back next year!

Happy Eventing 


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