Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer Eventing Part 6

My summer of Eventing Part 6

So I know this is skipping over a few events but not to worry...I will return to them :)
I just wanted to post this one up because it is so fresh in my mind!

I recently attended Seattle's first ever Oddmall Emporium of The Weird 
well, I was vendor. From what I saw there was fantastic entertainment, the food trucks were delicious... (no coffee though :P) and the amount of talent was overwhelming! 

And....Like most shows I do I did not take any photos until the very last minute.. It is hard to be an onlooker while trying to sell your stuffs! 

I had the pleasure of sharing my booth with Lady Stormblood from Stormblood Curiosities . Are styles seem to mesh well :)

The booth was nice, but I must say the event was so jammed packed that it was hard to focus on any one single artist :P I was definitely happy to be a part of it and got to meet a few new people.

One of the more exciting aspects of the show was the introduction of some of my new pieces of work and an amazing project that I have been working on with Lady Stormblood

This is a new line of functional charms carrying traditional magical ingredients. There has been so much time and care put into the making of these, from researching the elements to designing the label 
*Thanks to Stefanie (Lady Stormblood) for the graphic design and help with the research process*

The few I introduced are meant to bring you things such as luck, calm, love, and creativity. I also introduced a Draw Familiar Charm (pocket totems if you will) 

I will be posting later on the makings of these charms. Look for this lineup in my shop by October 1st! and there are so many more to come!

I also had a chance to put out my new real acorn cap charms :)

The purpose of all these charms is to act as an add on to my bags, purses, and wallets :) Acorns are thought to bring you good luck...So why not? Look for these in my shop by October 1st!

And last but not least I introduced a really cool new line of Drawstring Backpacks. These are not your regular old flimsy drawstring backpack! These are made from heavy duty canvas and feature heavy hardware and durable cotton rope.  The majority of what I have made so far have a slight steampunk style to them, not to mention my new signature line of corset style steampunk backpacks! 

These will be available in my shop by October 1st as well, I will also be designing these backpacks for the gypsy soul :)

Lady Stormblood also got to showcase some new designs from her end :) If you do not know who she is or what she does then I suggest you do a Google search. She is known as the monster hunter as well as the unofficial Bioshock lady! 

She is best known for her replicas of Vigors from the popular video game Bioshock. So to offer her fans a more affordable piece of art she has designed her own take on currency in the game and a series of art tags from pieces of her original daily sketches!

Don't forget to check out her original pieces as well, she is a most talented artist ♥

So to round out, Oddmall was really cool to be a part of, I am looking forward to next year at a bigger venue for two days instead of one! 

Happy Browsing

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