Monday, September 30, 2013

Mondays New Items

What is new in the shop?

This week I wanted to try something different....To post my newest items, or soon to be newest items. probably to make myself more accountable to produce but also to keep you up to date on what I have going on.

This Monday's lineup is not yet ready for sale but will be by Midnite tonight and I have a sale going on at the same time! You do not want to miss out! 

Lets get started shall we?

Bringing in the season with this limited edition Halloween Backpack. This is the start to many (I hope) in my new line of durable drawstring backpacks. This particular print is limited and will not be available after this season! 

This drawstring backpack is part of my new Steampunk line and is a signature style called "The Stefanie Bag" ....inspiration from a friend named Stefanie of course ;) It features a corseted front and heavy duty hardware to sport my new line of charms.

Next I have for you one of my new charms, Each of the charms features traditional magical herbs and stones and brings you things such as luck, fortune, love, harmony, and creativity. They would make a great addition to any of my bags ;)

I also have a new wallet design fashioned once again in the Steampunk style, this style has a few more storage options than my original wallet design and also features heavy duty hardware for style and functionality.

Another one of the charms that will be available come midnite, "Moonshine". Water imbued with the energy of the Full Blue Moon (seriously). Moon water is believed to enhance your intentions.

Another of the Steampunk fashioned wallets, in a ladies design. I think for my next batch I will also add hardware....What do you think?

And....that concludes Mondays lineup. Don't forget to visit the shop tomorrow to check out all the new items

and use coupon code WITCHINGHOUR at checkout for 25% your entire purchase, one day only! 

Happy October!

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