Friday, February 22, 2013

Up-cycled Leather Pirate Belt Purse

Getting Excited for Summer Festivals

I just listed this beauty in my shop!

I'm guessing that you have guessed that I might enjoy all things fantasy :P Well, I do.
So I am really, really, hoping to merchant at some magic filled events this summer...This bag is one of many I hope to be carrying at a booth..If it doesn't sell first, that is!

The bag is made from an up-cycled leather jacket. The leather is so supple and has all sorts of natural creases to add to it's charm.

The inside is lined with a skull printed cotton.

There is a detachable strap as well as loops to attach it to a belt. Attach all your trinkets and treasures to the extra square rings. Enjoy all the ooohhhs and aaahhhhss that you will get from the metal skull button closure.

This purse is made according to "period" design but is definitely functional enough for everyday!

Look for the listing in my shop

Have a wonderful weekend!


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