Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Walk In Closet Craft Studio

My Make Do Craft Room

I'm sure I must have mentioned it at some point but I'll mention it again :) My family and I recently relocated to Washington state. We have downsized from an over 1500 sqft home (not including the sunroom I turned into my studio) into a 900 sqft apartment for the time being. Needless to stay, I did NOT have a designated craft/studio space.

I have tried for a couple of weeks now to make a sort of workspace in the dining area that I clean up everynight...WE all know that doesn't happen :( and I don't really have enough space to keep it out in our living area...so....

I have taken over the walk in closet in the master bedroom!

It's not much, but it works, and it's mine!

Now this is what I call a craft room on a budget :)

I used existing closet shelves of course but I needed more storage space than that. So I furnished the rest of the room, including the sewing table for under $75.00. Thank you Ikea!

I picked up these galvanized metal shelves for $14.99 a piece.

I already own a sewing table for my vintage 301 Singer but It is much too large to fit comfortabley in this space so I needed a new one. I didn't want to spend a fortune on something that was temporary so I picked up the "make do" table for $19.99.

I didn't necessarily need the wall rail/shelving solutions but I really couldn't resist...I'm so addicted to this idea! 

The wood shelf is solid pine and ready to paint or stain in the future if I so choose.

This beautiful antique sewing machine music box was a gift from a friend this past Christmas

Most of my notions, scraps, ribbons, etc...are stored in shoe boxes. I have grand plans of covering them all in pretty scrapbook paper :)

I store my button collection in an assortment of jars from salsa jars to baby food jars... If you have the pleasure of knowing me personally, you probably already know that I have a "small" glass bottle collection :)

I'll paint these lids eventually......

My cork board is made from scrap home decor fabric pieces backed with batting and foam board. This was a quick project I did with a friend of mine. The board is reserved for inspiration, coupons, that sort of thing! Right now it is sporting a NorthBound Coffee Roasters Sticker because they recently sent me some coffee sacks to re-purpose.

I just have my embroidery hoops hung from a simple screw in hook.

Some special art from my daughters helps to inspire me ♥

I have a basket reserved for projects in the making...It might have been knocked off the coffee table by two special ladies......

And finally, I don't think you can get more frugal than the storage for my garment reserved fabric. I cut the fabric spools my self from old card board boxes and squeezed them into a box from my move. 

It may not be trendy, or color coordinated but It's my own little space....for now ♥ 

Happy Creating


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