Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chubear Cosplay

Hero Hottie Spotlight

I'm so proud of my friend over at Chubear Cosplay I decided to showcase her achievement today!
A while back her and I busted out a simple foam over body suite costume for Maya from Borderlands 2

This was my first ever participation in cosplaying, it was a lot of fun. Chubear swears its no big deal but I'm continually impressed with her creativity and ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary :)

Today Chubear Cosplay has found herself featured on
for her Maya Costume.. Check out her feature on their site here and on their facebook page here.

Photography and editing was done by the very lovely and very talented Tricia Davidge Photography.

Chubear's armor is made out of crafters foam, which she covered in a special plastic and then painted! I had the pleasure of hot gluing the armor to her body suit while she was wearing it! Let's just say she is a very dedicated women! The guns were painted and detailed by her, and her spell book was an altered leather journal. This is where she amazes me, her simple ability to take random items and make them look epic!

She looks pretty bad ass doesn't she?

Here is the chubear I know and love ♥


As always, please take the time to check her out on Facebook and Instagram :)

Have an amazing weekend!


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