Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just An Average Day

Just An Average Day

My dear friend Olivia is an aspiring cosplayer, you can find her at Chubear Cosplay.  From time to time she likes to put together fantasy themed looks to share with her fans. I am always willing to jump on board because honestly, who doesn't like playing dress up??

Here is a glimpse into an average day for us...Just oh, you know, transform your face into that of an elf, head out into the cold with a Lord of The Rings prop and take some fun photos.

This look mainly happened because Olivia was eager to try out her new elf ears..haha! Girls, and their toys.

The sword is a replica of Arwen's sword from Lord of The Rings, The bottom of her costume is just two of my skirts layered and tucked in strategic places, all the jewelry is from my own collection. I hoard gypsy/fantasy style jewelry for all those costuming events I never make it to :( Olivia found the corset cheap  on Ebay.

Olivia doesn't naturally have a very angular face so there was a lot of contouring done to give her a elf look. I personally think she did an amazing job! She is wearing yellow circle lenses to enlarge her irises and change their color. For the makeup she used mostly SugarPill cosmetics.

The site of our "shoot" was my backyard, which happens to be a world of fantasy all it's own... *sigh* How I miss it.

Now, I'm no photography so I apologize for the not entirely professional photos but, the shoot was fun and I think we captured some very cool scenes and poses. As always Olivia is stunning.

Thank you to the ever so creative and talented Chubear for allowing me to be apart of your creations. It is always an adventure.

Please take time to visit her on Facebook and Instagram and follow along :)

Have an amazing weekend!



  1. I love Cosplay costumes! Amazing what people can create...that's one of the many reasons I love going to the San Diego Comic Con!!! Thanks for sharing!

    A new follower of yours!

    Jessica ... Come stop by sometime and follow me back if you like :) Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the support! I have never attended an Anime convention of any sort but this year I am in line to attend the Anime Convention in LA...I'm super excited! I have taken the time to subscribe to your blog and favorite your Etsy shop :)



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