Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life at Home: Picnic Place Mats with Bias Bound Edges

Life at Home

This week for A Less Than Perfect Homemaker I finished up a project for my Learn to Sew Better Quest where I am working my way through my sewing books one project at a time :) The book I am working my way through at the moment is Stitch by Stitch.

I am a little sad to say I have only finished two projects thus far, but this last one re-sparked my interest so hopefully I will be finishing it up soon :)

The project this week was

Picnic Place Mats with Bias Bound Edges

This was a simple and fun project. With it I actually tackled one of my weak points: bias tape. I now have much more confidence in my ability to use bias tape :)

I also had some fun with my stitching on my new sewing machine.

These would be excellent to stock pile and give out as gifts!

There you have it. Super Cute!! To view the full post please follow this link.

Happy Sewing


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