Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A New Purse Design For Midnite Hollow

Noriko Handbag

I have been searching and searching the internet for unique and imaginative purse designs. Something really beautiful but not exactly practical. You know? Something that triggers that inner spark, the world you imagine when you think of magic and mystery? 
I came across some truly great purse designs but nothing was really jumping out at me. Then it happened! The Noriko Handbag by Lazy Girl Designs. And whats more?...She says by all means use my design to sell but PLEASE refer back to me. How awesome is that?!
So I drooled over the design for a few minutes but when I went to download the tutorial it had expired :( Why me?.......After much searching I finally came across the pdf. for it and now I'm in business ♥
I just finished my first one up today and I must say, it was a pleasurable experience. Not only is the design easy to put together but the end result is an adorable and unique purse!!

I love working with fabric I truly enjoy, it makes your creation all the more fun to work with. And bonus! The creation your making is something you want to own!
I cut all my pieces out and laid out my accessories...pretty red satin ribbon and an Asian inspired antiqued brass button....so pretty ~♥~

And then I set to work constructing the bag....All though this was an easy bag to put together, the designer used a technique I had never used before so I felt especially awesome when I pulled it off without a hitch.
I am totally self taught so I am still learning along the way :)

The original design did not call for a pocket but if it's one thing I always here from friends, family, and fans, it's, " I would really like a pocket in this". Of course I had to add my nifty new labels...they really make a difference don't they?

Once I had the outer and inner pieces constructed putting the rest of the bag together was a snap. Honestly is a very simple design but the finishing result makes an enormous impact!

After securing handles on both sides and a ribbon loop on the backside I was ready to sew the casing to the lining.

The directions called for a scrap of material in between the casing and the lining which I thought was a clever idea, see I told you I'm still learning, I chose a scrap piece of red wool felt for this purpose.

Last step! Add a ribbon tassel. Ribbon tassel was super easy to put together but I didn't happen to have the right sort of beads around to finish this one off like the directions suggested, so I skipped the beads! :)

And The Finished Result!!!!!!!!

You can view the Listing for this item in my shop Midnite Hollow.

Have a Happy Day!



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