Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Making a Button Hole Tutorial

How Do You Use That Button Hole Attachment?

I thought that maybe some of you self taught sewers out there would enjoy a tutorial on using your button hole attachment seeing as how nobody showed me how and I just taught myself only a few months ago :p Once you know how you will want to sew button's onto everything!

1. Figure out where your button hole is going to go and what length it needs to be. Your button hole should be the diameter of your button, plus the height, plus 1/8". Or if your foot has an opening on the back to rest your button in, the math is done for you. Mark your fabric.

2. Get your button hole foot out, its the flat white one with an opening in the center. Attach it to the machine. Place your mark under the foot lining it up so your mark fits correctly into the space. 
3.Set your stitch style to the button hole. Some machines are automatic and some like the one I'm using here are manual and you have to change the setting for each part. **See your instruction manual** Set your stitch length to the lowest setting to make your button hole nice and tight.

4. Stitch slowly making sure not to pull on your material and switch the setting as you go. My machine is very user friendly and has it labeled 1. 2. 3. 4. Pretty self explanatory..haha. You can stop after this step or you can go around again to make your button hole stronger. Your results should end up looking something like this:

5. Now you want to open the hole up. I only happen to have a seam ripper handy so that is what I used, I made sure to be careful not to rip too far down into my stitches. You can place a pin at the end to prevent yourself from going too far or you can use a special chisel used to cut button holes. I don't have one

6. Pick your button, mark your spot. I usually just open the hole and mark in the center on the material underneath I'm not the most precise sewer you'll ever meet :). Hand sew your button on and your done!

You just sewed a button hole!

Feel free to leave me comments on my tutorial. Is it helpful? Did I confuse you? Not enough info? Were the pictures useful? Were the pictures at least pretty? Any feedback is much appreciated so I can bring you better info!

Happy Sewing

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