Thursday, March 28, 2013

Free Advert Giveaway and Handmade Sponsored Raffle

Want to win cool stuff? 

I'm having a giveaway and sponsored raffle...tee hee ♥

First prize: Free 30 day showcase avert on my homemaking blog...Just like my page! That's all. Really, it's a cool page! 

Visit my homemaking blog here: A Less Than Perfect Homemaker

Second prize: Make a $3 dollar raffle donation and I'll run your name again for the chance to win this One of a Kind Gypsy Purse! Seriously a $45 dollar value!! 

This purse would make a great addition to any costume or make a statement with that little black dress. The strap and belt loop are detachable via super cute buttons! Features artist print cotton, pom poms, buttons, and ribbon tassel!

*note* This is my prototype and a one of a kind design, straight from my Gypsy Soul ♥

Third Prize: Make a $5 dollar donation and I will enter you into all three drawings! What is the third drawing you say? A Handmade Gypsy Coin Purse! A $25 Dollar value! 

This little purse is so pretty~ Made with artist print cotton, lined with a coordinating cotton, with soft cushiony fleece in between! Finished with a sew on antiqued kiss clasp frame. It is the perfect size to carry the bare minimum with you for a night out, or for wandering around amongst the Faeries. 

*note* The purse you will receive is not the actual purse in the photo. The purse you will receive will have a different lining...that's all. 

See details below:

Giveaway and Sponsored Raffle will run from Friday March 29th through April 13th 2013... Contest begins at midnight and ends at midnight  Boo hoo, hate waiting? I will also be running a free giveaway in between... Stay tuned for details! 
You must make a Raffle Donation in order to be entered into the second and third drawings, please provide a receipt or confirmation # during entry. This means you must hit the "buy now" button first and have your # ready before entry. 

Also, please leave a comment in the comment field with your email address for me to easily get in touch with you :) 

Raffle Donation

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest is in no way endorsed by any organization, or entity. This contest is strictly for the enjoyment of my fans. Help make Midnite Hollow creations come alive! You are not required in any way to make a purchase to enter initial giveaway but by making a raffle donation you are supporting the spirit of this giveaway. Thank you for any and all participation! I appreciate all of you ♥

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