Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Mother of all Brush Rolls

The Tricia Brush Roll

I was asked to design a brush roll with the possibility of holding upwards of 100+ brushes for a recent trade with Tricia Davidge of Tricia Davidge Photography
Thus, The Tricia Brush Roll came to be.

I set to work coming up with the dimensions and design (always the hardest part) while also trying to work in her fabrics of choice.

Once I had the measurements and slot placement figured out I set to work cutting and ironing all my pieces.

She wanted a black and white damask print with the pink for sure and the skull and crossbones incorporated ...At first I was skeptical that the two would clash. However the end result is rather chic. 
This roll has a particular Hipster Couture feel to it.

First row to sew down is actual the second row on the brush roll.
This damask is so classy looking.

My next row is striped with the skull and crossbow print and hot pink against a black duck cloth. I used black duck cloth to back this row also, not only to put a color block in between the two prints but also to keep the top of the brushes off of the damask print.

After I had all the slots sewn down to the backing of the brush roll I had to pillow case it with the front (The side you see when rolled up) First, However I had to mark and sew my ribbon placement for securing the roll closed AND add a surprise touch by adding Tricia's name with hand embroidery to the top of the inside of the brush roll.

The final step! Hemming and installing the dowel and tab to the top.


The Mother of all Brush Rolls!

Look for the 

The Tricia Brush Roll at my shop Midnite Hollow on a custom order basis only :)

Happy Shopping


*Special thanks to Olivia of ChuBear Cosplay 
for help with inspiration, design, modeling, and moral
support ♥
*Special thanks to Tricia Davidge of Tricia Davidge Photography
for the opportunity and an awesome hair style :)

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