Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Olivia Bow

 The Olivia Bow

My dear friend Olivia asked me to "quickly" help her make a Lolita bow for her up coming anime convention. 

See Lolita Fashion and Definition here.

I can't turn her down because she is just too cute and I love her dearly. So at 9:30 at night we designed and created a Lolita Bow, the night before she left!

The results were adorable and the size was amazing! This bow differs from most in the fact that the tails have two points instead of just one. All Olivia's idea of course! She has the imagination, I'm just the brains :)

We used faux red suede and paired it with a black crochet like lace. 

♥ Isn't she lovely ♥

Paired with some over-sized contacts and big hair she looks like she came straight out of an anime!

This bow makes such a statement!  
I wish I had the confidence to wear one of these adorable bows.

My eldest couldn't help but join in the fun, so she decided to get dolled up with Aunt Olivia ♥

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm hoping to offer these on a custom order basis soon, so

look for The Olivia Bow in my shop  Midnite Hollow.

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